About Us

The technical company for bathroom renovation Anakainisimpanioy was founded in 2011 and belongs to the Fernandes family. In fact, it is one of the subsidiaries of the Anakainisimpanioy group, which is active mainly in the partial renovation of the house.

Why Us?

During these years of work and experience, the company has carried out over 700 projects, which is also our legacy for an equally successful future. In addition, we have our own workshops, without intermediaries and can keep costs low. You speak personally with the supervising foreman of the project and not with various "experts". We are close to you to recommend the best technical solutions. You know the cost of our work from the start with no hidden fees. Our philosophy is many jobs with a small profit and not a few jobs with a large profit. All of the above, combined with the excellent manufacturing quality, the scientific and technical training of our staff, helps us to stand out in the difficult and competitive field of renovations.


Our Members


Tim Berkeley


Bella Mision


Allen Jacson


Silvia Green


What Our Clients Say?

Steve Rossele

I can't believe that by chance I chose Mr. Fernandes's company and everything turned out even better than I imagined. Impressive organization, "reason that counted", correct time management. What can I say, thank you so much!!!

Megan Collar

Incredibly professional work personalized to the needs of each client. I have an excellent relationship with all the staff at Anakainisimpanioy and as a company I highly recommend them! They solve even your last question!!!