Frequent Questions

What should you pay attention to in a bathroom renovation?

The first thing you should pay attention to in a bathroom renovation, is that the whole process is governed by absolute legality. This means that the appropriate work permit has been issued by urban planning, as well as the sidewalk occupation permit from the respective Municipality. Another important issue is the insurance contributions of the employees in terms of the IKA, which are calculated when the work permit is issued by the urban planning department. The problem here is that many renovation companies avoid informing their customers about all or part of the above in order to make their offers look cheaper and more attractive. More specifically, they urge you to get the work permit yourself and not them, which automatically makes their offer more economical and also gives them an excuse to avoid the conversation and the cost of insurance contributions for their employees. They usually do not mention the sidewalk occupation permit at all, either because they do not know that it is needed, or because they are not aware of the procedures required to be issued by the Municipality (among all the actions required, is the deposit of a bank letter of guarantee with the Municipality by the renovation company). The “discounts” that will be made in the above, will bring problems and fines to the owners of the houses who are also responsible for all of the above, regardless of what they have signed with the renovation company and whether or not they were aware of the above procedures. Even if all the above is done, the one who undertakes to do them should have experience, scientific training and know the subject very well in depth. Otherwise, from the future intersections that will be made, especially between urban planning and IKA, there will be deficiencies and violations that will result in penalties and fines for the owners of the houses. These penalties and fines that we mention are significant amounts that can reach and exceed the cost of a bathroom renovation.

What should you look for when choosing a bathroom renovation company?

What one should pay attention to in a choice of a renovation company, is mainly their professionalism from their first contact to the closing of their agreement. More specifically, they must appear serious, methodical, polite, honest, consistent in their appointments and in the times they give regarding the completion of their offer. To be companies with many years of experience and action. Be able to take you to projects they already have in progress, because that means they have jobs and are not sitting around. Be flexible in terms of costing and payments (not necessarily the cheapest). To offer a work guarantee and to have scientific training in these services they offer. Now if in any of the above you have signs that something is wrong,


Renovation with an organized company or with individual craftsmen?

Too many of our fellow citizens, when they want to make a renovation, enter the above dilemma. The reason this happens is usually financial. They believe that if they do the work piece by piece and negotiate with the professionals themselves, they will save money because they save the “middleman”, in this case the renovation company. Of course, this is not the case and we will explain why in simple words. First of all, professionals give wholesale prices to companies, because they cooperate with each other systematically and expect future cooperation, which they cannot and should not do with private individuals. Due to the fact that they expect continuous work from the company, they are more careful and consistent in their work times, resulting in a better quality result and speed in their work. The organization and supervision of a construction site in itself is something complex and time-consuming, which is why it requires a Civil Engineer specialized in house renovations, who will also take care of the legalizing documents of the project (urban planning, municipality, IKA), the which, if not anticipated, may result in large fines for the Owners of the project, i.e. you. In addition, a costing by individual professionals can hide many surprises in the actual cost of the project. For example, you ask a plumber and a tiler for a price for your bathroom, neither of them will give you a cost for the grout that needs to be poured before the tiles. Such “gray” points in a renovation are dozens and you realize how different the final cost can be from the offers of a renovation. Finally, after the work has been completed, there is a serious possibility that details have been missed, which will emerge later and you will find yourself in the unpleasant position of “begging” the professionals to come and correct any oversights. An event that would never happen through a company. Therefore, for the above reasons, it would not be wise to entrust the renovation of your bathroom to individual craftsmen of dubious quality.

What should you know about the correlation of cost and quality of work, in bathroom renovation?

It is really very difficult to make such a correlation. The reason is that the work in a bathroom renovation will prove its quality over time, which means that in an initial offer of a company we cannot evaluate something like that. But certainly the cost in the offers will not be the same, just as the quality of work of each company will not be the same. So here a question arises, how should we compare the above correlation. The answer is, <intuitively>. A company that looks more serious and more reliable cannot price the same as a company that lacks the above, nor should we demand that the price lists be equalized, but instead judge whether the extra cost is worth it to have the ” our head” quiet.