Step by Step About The Complete Bathroom Renovation

Specialist visit to your place

An appointment is made with a specialist partner who will come to your place in order to perform an autopsy. He will estimate the necessary scope of work, take the measurements of your bathroom and give you advice regarding the best possible solution regarding the needs and wishes you have for the renovation of your bathroom.

The relevant proposals will be made to you based on which the final choice will be made based on costing now.

Bathroom Renovation Works that we undertake

Insulation and Sealing

Insulating and waterproofing your home is one of the basic tasks required to keep your home in the best possible condition and to have a lasting result when you proceed with the renovation of your space.

Plumbing & Electrical Works

Our company undertakes to dismantle your old installations and proceed with their replacement with new technology materials that ensure combined durability, safety in use and maximum performance.

Baths, Showers & Whirlpools

Depending on your needs, we suggest solutions that suit your space and budget for the best relaxation experience in that completely personal space, your bathroom. Sometimes there is the possibility of not being satisfied with just one option but of combining a shower and a bathtub or a shower and a hydromassage. Why not;

Floor Replacement

The floor is one of the places where the wear and tear of time strongly leaves its marks. Swollen floors, with cracks, with damaged joints are difficult to clean, spoil our aesthetics and peace of mind, but above all, they are serious foci of contamination and are among the issues that must be taken care of immediately when problems arise.

Bathroom Design & Configuration

Older homes weren’t built to serve today’s needs and therefore, your old bathroom layout doesn’t have to tie you down forever. We redesign your bathroom according to the latest standards and in a way that serves your needs while saving you valuable space.

Washbasin & Basin

From strictly selected partners, we give you the opportunity to choose your washbasin and basin, through a wide variety of designs and colors, at unbeatable prices, but without any discount on their quality and functionality.

Techniques & Painting Bathroom

The painting of the bathroom is inextricably linked to the waterproofing of this area with its particular vulnerability to moisture. DynamicHome is by your side every step of the way in order to make the best color combinations and to help you marry the aesthetics of the tiles and items you have chosen with the right color combinations. High quality colors and experienced craftsmen ensure the best result for you.

The Art of Lighting

The bathroom must have the right lighting that covers you both during the day and at night.

It’s important to consider having more calming lighting too for when you want to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath.

Our qualified staff undertakes the installation of any lighting system with a priority on safety of use and the elimination of any (if possible) possibility of a short circuit.

Bathroom Renovation Cost

After you have reviewed and discussed together all the project proposals and parameters thoroughly, you will be given a final quote which will include all costs for raw materials, bathroom furniture, bathroom accessories and all infrastructure, installation and installation with the DynamicHome guarantee.

Both our long-term experience, as well as our highly qualified and stable workforce, are a guarantee for an impeccable result in terms of the perfection of the construction, the absolute functionality of the space we undertake to renovate, the resistance over time and use, but also to the highest specifications for sanitary facilities.

The cost of bathroom renovation varies as much as the bathrooms that exist. There are many factors that will affect the final cost. Dynamic Home has a fixed costing policy of taking on more projects with a lower profit margin in order to be able to secure the best market rates for you. The way we achieve this is as follows: with a larger number of projects we claim better cost prices, due to the volume of orders, from our suppliers and by employing stable crews in our company we build relationships of trust both with our staff and with our customers.

The factors that affect the cost of a bathroom renovation are initially whether you want a partial or total renovation. Next, the square footage of your bathroom, which will determine, in part, the rest of your choices in sanitary ware (bathtub, shower, hydromassage, sink, cabinets, mirrors, basin, bidet, etc.).

Finally, the materials that will be used for the infrastructure works also have their role in shaping the final price. Our partners will be by your side to inform you in detail about all the available options you have with their pros and cons in order to achieve the desired result in terms of safety, durability, usability, functionality and aesthetics.

Bathroom Furniture – Sanitary Ware – Tiles

For most, perhaps the most enjoyable moment in the renovation process is choosing the tiles, sanitary ware and bathroom furniture. Dynamic Home has entered into long-term collaborations with the best manufacturers in Greece and abroad to offer you a rich range in order to choose the items that best suit your taste and space, always within your budget.