The Cost of a Bathroom Renovation

One of the most common procedures in a house is the bathroom renovation, as this particular space needs to be functional.

It is one of the first tasks carried out in a renovation, as this space has priority in order to simplify your everyday life.

Nevertheless, this work is not an easy task, because it needs time to complete, a relatively high budget, but also technicians who will help you get the desired results with an elegant image. As the years go by, structures deteriorate and wear out, so older buildings may need more work. However, whether a partial or total renovation will be done depends on you and the needs

The most frequently performed tasks are:

  • Removal (of old sanitary ware/tiles)
  • Electrical and plumbing installations
  • Repairing problems in water supply facilities
  • Installation of tiles / sanitary ware
  • Oil painting (wall/ceiling)
  • Installing a shower/bathtub

The cost of renovating the bathroom is of course not fixed, as each house has different needs. The average cost is around 1200€ for a total renovation but you may need from 500 to 3000€ ,  depending on the amount you intend to allocate, the square meters of the space to be renovated and the type of work.

Below you will find all the factors that can affect the price of a bathroom renovation, so that you can confidently decide more easily what exactly you want from this process:

The dimension

The square footage of the space you want to renovate is the most important factor, since the dimension interacts with the size of the work to be done. For this reason, it is also the most important factor in shaping the price. Most bathrooms are around 20 sq.m., so the majority of offers on the market concern these dimensions. The cost increases significantly if your bathroom exceeds 20 sq.m. On the contrary, in smaller bathrooms, less work and hours are needed and therefore lower costs for you.

Choice of materials

There is a wide variety of flooring and sanitary ware on the market so costs can vary widely. Therefore, it is important to decide from the beginning what you are asking for and adjust your money.

The right kind of renovation

You will choose what kind of renovation you will do, and you can choose total or partial. understandably the cost of the total renovation is higher as more work is carried out. Conversely, a partial renovation is a more economical option, however, works such as electrical and plumbing are not included.

It is important to know the prices for each job so that you have a complete picture of the total cost that will result. The market is large and the materials you choose will significantly affect the final cost. So, choose carefully to find the type of renovation that is ideal for you and the most economical materials at the lowest cost.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Factors

Since bathroom remodeling projects can encompass everything from installing a few new fixtures to overhauling the room’s floor plan, they have a wide price range. The bathroom size will affect the final budget. For example, remodeling a half-bath is lowest on the cost spectrum, while remodeling a luxury or primary bathroom is highest. The specific aspects you choose to update will also play a large role in both the cost and the projected ROI of your model. The more complicated the remodeling, the higher the investment required.

Lighting and Ventilation

You can save money on bathroom lighting by replacing the fixtures and using the wiring that’s already there. Brass and industrial-style lighting are making a comeback, and you can match the color and finish to your other bathroom hardware. You can also apply stick-on LED strip lighting under cabinet edges and along crown molding to add new lights without needing to hire an electrician. Alternatively, you can rewire the bathroom for additional vanity lights or even a chandelier, and maybe add an outlet or two while you’re at it.

On average, adding new light fixtures will add between $200 to $1,000 to your overall cost. 

Proper ventilation helps reduce the moisture in your bathroom, protecting it from mold and mildew. If your current fan doesn’t function properly, you should invest in a new one. Replacing an exhaust fan costs around $180 to $600 depending on any added extras, such as a heat lamp or integrated light fixture. If you need to install a new exhaust fan, your cost will increase to $1,000 or more since additional work, including vents and ductwork, are needed.